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1.1 All equipment remains the property of Funky Pictures at all times.
1.2 By placing an order with us either verbally or via e-mail regardless of whether a booking form has been returned or deposit paid it is deemed that the customer has read, understood, fully agreed to and is bound by all our terms and conditions of hire.
1.3 In the event of traffic or other uncontrollable circumstances preventing us from being able to fulfil our contracted obligations our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event or a pro rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of delayed start. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any loss of earnings.

1.4 You must ensure, in advance, that the venue allows reasonable access for loading and suitable parking once the Equipment has been unloaded.
1.5 Funky Pictures will not tolerate any abuse or threatening behaviour to any of our staff or abuse of our equipment. We retain the right to terminate this contract immediately in cases where our staff feel they are being abused or threatened equipment is being, or is in danger of being, damaged due to the actions of any persons attending your event. (Wherever possible and reasonable to do so we will speak with you or the venue first to try to resolve the matter before any termination is enacted).

1.6 We ask that all persons using the services refrain from taking any food, drink and/or sharp objects around equipment
1.7 To ensure we are able to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and presentation of our equipment we request that you notify staff of any instances of soiling, spillage or damage to any equipment.

Prices, Deposit & Balance Payments


2.1 All hires are subject to a deposit (deposit is non-refundable).

2.2 The balance to be paid in full and cleared 14 days prior to the event start date unless approved alternatives can be agreed.

2.3 Terms for approved account clients will be strictly 14 days from invoice date unless agreed in writing by the company.

2.4 Advertised prices are subject to change without prior notification.

2.5 Funky Pictures reserves the right to charge interest on all overdue accounts at 8% above its banker’s current interest rate.


3.1 Any cancelled order is subject to the following cancellation charges:-
Within 8 weeks prior to event 25% of amount paid or 25% to be charged if not paid.
Within 6 weeks prior to event 50% of amount paid or 50% to be charged if not paid.
Within 4 weeks prior to event 75% of amount paid or 75% to be charged if not paid.
Within 3 weeks prior to event 100% of amount paid or 100% to be charged if not paid.
If you are a consumer the above does not affect your statutory rights to a “cooling off” period under The Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000.


4.1 Funky Pictures reserves the right to substitute hired equipment with equipment of a similar type and value without notice in the event of previous damage or loss of booked equipment.

4.2 All sizes quoted are approximate.

4.3 All goods remain the property of Funky Pictures at all times.

4.4 Funky Pictures reserve the right to amend or alter any product specifications without prior notice.

Site Location, Facilities & Conduct

5.1 Hired equipment will be set up in one location only as agreed on arrival and will not be moved once unloaded.

5.2 You are responsible for ensuring we have access to the event venue and to appropriate facilities, including, without limit, by arranging, in good time and at your own expense, all permits, licenses or other permissions necessary to enable us to gain access to the venue and perform the services.

5.3 The Photo booths, Magic mirrors, dance floors and lighting are designed for indoor use only.

5.4 We require the appropriate floor space of two metres by three metres which will be enough for the footprint of the photo booth / magic mirror and allow space for people to gather around. This must be within two to three metres of a single standard electrical power socket.

5.5 The Photo booths, magic mirrors lighting and dance floors can only be situated on a firm flat surface, so if your event is in a marquee or similar temporary structure, a suitable base will be required. Our standard price assumes clear access at ground floor level.

5.6 We normally allow two hours to set up the photo booths, dance floors although it can be done in less time, and we can dismantle the booth and dance floors in approximately 1 hour. However, it does depend on where the booth is situated in the venue – every job is different.

5.7 If you are hiring the venue in which the equipment will be used please also allow plenty of time within the period of hire to allow for these set-up and take-away elements of the service and for us to check the equipment with you before we leave to ensure the equipment is in the state in which it was first supplied.

5.8 Funky Pictures reserve the right to refuse delivery if the venue or site is deemed to be unsuitable by our delivery personnel or if the client has failed to notify the company of any delivery obstructions such as stairs or excessive loading distances from our vehicle to the installation site dance floors, photo booths, magic mirrors and lighting can not be carried up stairs In such a case no refund will be given and the full hire fee will be due.

5.9 The client is responsible for ensuring that suitable security and crowd control measures are in place prior to
start of event.

5.10 Any negative feedback on social media e.g. twitter or face book reviews or groups without first contacting us to resolve any problems or disputes will be deemed as intent to course damage to our reputation and will result in prosecution for any damages coursed to the good name of Funky Pictures limited. By booking Funky Pictures via website, phone call or Facebook you are accepting our terms and conditions and are agreeing to pay any damages coursed and the removal of negative feedback on or off our sites.

Liability & Insurance

6.1 The company’s liability insurance covers use of the equipment only whilst booked on ‘wet’ hire (supervised by a representative of the company).

6.2 The client agrees to indemnify the company for any damage or theft of the company’s equipment whilst on hire.

6.3 The company accept no liability for any damage or loss of personal property and or any injury arising from the use of the hired equipment.


7.1 Photographs taken whist using the service will be available to view, upload and/or purchase, via the gallery if available on our website and/or may be shared via Facebook and otherwise released into the public domain by you or any guest attending your event.
If you request that we upload/share photographs taken at your event to Facebook you are responsible for ensuring you and any other guests accessing the photographs abide by the Facebook Terms of Use which can be found at http://www.facebook.com/terms.php?ref=pf
With respect to any photographs taken by us during your or your guests use of the services you grant us a world-wide, royalty free and non-exclusive license to reproduce, modify, adapt and publish such photographs for the purpose of displaying, distributing and promoting the specific gallery to which such photographs were submitted, or for the purpose for which such photo or graphic was submitted to the services and to use these photographs for our own advertising and promotional purposes in connection with the services.


Dance Floor Hire Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions for the business to be conducted between “Funky Pictures” and the Client/Hirer/Venue. The terms of contract are:



A deposit must be paid in advance, to secure the booking or contract signed, depending on what is agreed. (see below for further details). Payments may be made via cash (please do not post cash), or direct bank transfer.


A security deposit must be taken of £50 this will be paid back once the dance floor has been collected and checked for signs of damage through misuse. If no deposit has been taken, then client agrees to pay for any damage within 14 days of notification. Failure to pay for damage within this time will result in court action being taken against you.


Cancellation Policy

Clients may cancel a booking up to two months in advance, and will receive a full refund. However, the deposit, or advance payment will be forfeited, if the booking is cancelled by the client with less than two months notice.


Care of the Premises/Dance Floor and Equipment


In order to protect the dance floor, appropriate dance shoes must be worn at all times in used at all times.



No food or drinks of any kind are permitted on the dance floor. These may only be consumed in the seating areas. Any liquid spillages must be mopped up immediately, as they will cause serious damage if absorbed into the floors.

Client is responsible for ensuring your DJ on the evening makes regular announcements and if guests are seen drinking on the dance floor to ask them to remove them from the area to prevent such damage.

The client is also responsible for making sure all guests are fully aware that there is no drinks and food allowed on the dance floor at any time.

Any damage or signs of drinks being taken on the dance floor the client will be charged and by signing our terms agrees to pay any damage.

The client is solely responsible for any Damage coursed to venue through misuses of the dance floor.


Furniture-Tables, Chairs or any form of furniture is totally forbidden on the dance floors. With exception to a cake table but must have rubber or plastic feet. If your dance floor shorts and LED lighting goes off during your event and we have any evidence of furniture being sited on the dance floor you will be liable for damages.

Our engineer will always take photograph evidence of every dance floor once set up in working order. If your dance floor shorts during the event following evidence of fully working order once set up in place you will not be entitled to any form of refund or payment. On investigating the issue for Dance floor shortage if it is evidence any of the above incidents have occurred we the company have the right to charge you a fee to repair any damage.


DAMAGE, LOSS OR THEFT The Company is not responsible for any damage or injury to persons or property caused by the items hired what so ever caused. All Clients and Suppliers are responsible for their own public liability insurance and PAT testing. All Clients are responsible for the hire of equipment and the welfare of their clients and the guest. The client will be liable to pay for any damage of the dance floor and any financial loss due to theft.

The Client will be responsible to inform the venue of their dance floor booking once the dance floor has arrived on site the full fee will become payable. The Company (Funky Pictures) will not be responsible for the décor or flooring in the venue the Client must ensure the venues have agreed to the dance floor being laid upon their venue flooring.

It is the responsibility of the Client to inform us if there is any load in restrictions at the venue high steps, steep hills, no lift access. Failure to do so may result in the dance floor not being able to access the venue if this occurs full fee will still remain applicable.

Clients will be liable to pay for damages to the dance floor if they do not adhere to the above terms and conditions.

Clients are advised not to tamper with the dance floor at any time. If for any reason the dance floor stops performing, then the client must contact our office for support. If we find the dance floor has been tampered with then we have the right to remove and the client will be liable for any damaged caused.

The Client must be aware that it is there responsibility prior to booking the Dance Floors to ensure the size booked will fit your venue. Once at the venue the Company funky pictures will only lay a floor size big enough to cater the space provided by the venue. If this area is smaller than the floor size, you have hired then no refund or monies back will be due to the client. Full fee is payable once dance floor arrives at the venue location.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they request a copy of the company Funky Pictures Public Liability if the venue requires such documents prior to the event and delivery of the Dance floor. Once the dance floor has arrived full payment is due from the client. If the venue refuses the dance floor for any reasons regarding no evidence of public liability insurances the fee contracted to the Client will still be payable to the company Funky Pictures.

All Dance Floors will be collected at 1-3am on the evening of each event please ensure your venue is aware of these times and access is granted. Failure to gain access the Client will be charged £25 per hour thereafter until access for pick up, unless prior agreed.

The Client must agree a set up time no later than a week prior to your event. We the Company will ensure the technician is on site at this time unless unforeseen circumstances, we will always contact the venue if for any reason the engineer is running late. Once the engineer is on site the Dance floor must be set up at the times contracted.

Under no circumstances should any Client or Venue move or De-Rig any Dance Floors without Company permission. If the Dance floor is for any given reason and damage is caused, then the Client will be responsible as to the Venue/ Persons to repair or fully refund the cost of the Dance floor. All Clients have a responsibility to ensure your venue is aware of our terms.

As the floor is electrically controlled there may be times when the circuit is cut this will hinder the lighting control and may cause the Dance floor to stop working. If this incident occurs you must contact our office, you will not be entitled to any monies back however we will endeavour to seek out the problem and restore the floor back to working order within one hour.



In the case were the dance floor is required to stay in storage or at a venue over night or longer then it is the responsibility of the client to ensure the dance floor is in a safe secure premises and that the dance floor is fully turned off on the evening of the contracted date. It is the full responsibility of the client for the dance floor whilst at the premises and the client will be fully responsible for the dance floor going missing or and damage that may occur.

The company reserves the right to terminate any contract with immediate effect, without any notice, if in the opinion of the company any of the above terms have been breached. The decision of the company with regard to any such breech will be final and not open to challenge.

Please note that if we introduce and/or negotiate and you accept engagements from us, then these are the Terms of Business that will apply to our trading together.