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Know your Magic Mirrors

Why are some more expensive to hire than others, what’s the difference?

For this we are going to concentrate on the two most common you will hear of and see about!

The first is the Mirror me booth made by Foto Master a mirror we supply with a cost of around £10,500

The Foto Master Mirror first came out about 10 years ago taking the USA by storm then making its first appearance in the UK about 7 years ago. Although this mirror isn’t the most common you will see and there’s only about 3 in the whole of the Midlands it has made it on my list because it’s the very mirror that took the industry by storm and set the trend.

The Foto Master Mirror was mainly hired out for big corporate events and parties for the rich. The prices ranged from £500-£700 for 3 hours, as time went by the prices naturally dropped and gained more public awareness. The technology in a Foto Master Mirror is continually evolving even to this day with our 6th upgrade literally done 5 days ago.

The animation’s and general flow to the mirror is unbeatable, seeing is believing!

The prices that these mirrors hire out for are between £350-£450 for 3 hours.

The second mirror I am going to talk about are cheap copy budget mirrors with a cost of around £2500.

These mirrors are the most common mirror you will see about.

Some have light bulbs around them and some are photo shopped to look glamours , they are very limited in technology and are a lot slimmer in size then a foto master.

They do have 1 or 2 features similar of that of the Foto Master Mirror has but they are no where near the quality.

These budget mirrors was made very quickly to get in on the sales when the mirror fazes first started to hit the market promising its buyers fast money, something that is still practised today.

Good technology and features take time to create. It is really clear when seeing these mirrors next to each other that this mirror is very basic in build and technology and has grown off its predecessor’s success.

Prices for these mirrors hire out for between £150-£300 for 3 hours some even pushing the prices well over the £400 mark!

So what mirror should you hire?

Honestly its down to personal taste, the market has been flooded for that long with the budget copy mirrors that most people think that they are the normal standard, personally when we go out with our Foto Master people are shocked of its technology and beauty and at their events guests are constantly commenting on how good it is compared to what they have seen before.

For me it would be like seeing my dream sports car on the TV, saving and then seeing a car similar looking and a few pound cheaper, buying it and then finding out it’s a cheap shell and has a 1.2 metro engine inside but its too late its here with all my guests looking at it.

Or even buying a phone you thought was good then realising you bought a fake of the original with hardly any technology on it.

What if I just want the mirror to take pictures?

Sure most mirrors take pictures, the quality of the picture not only depends on the camera but also the printer they use but the mirrors technology is about entertaining the guests keeping them coming back and providing them with the perfect picture each and every time.

A more in depth look at the differences.

For this example, we will compare one of the features a copy mirror will have the same as a Foto master both mirrors use the sign your creation (signature or message) This is a wonderful feature that allows you so write directly on the mirror and will appear on your printed picture.

both are saying “Supported” the difference is huge, here is an example for the signature compression:

The copy mirrors only shares a few features that the mirror me booth has but Just based on this one feature the chart shows the differences in technology.

More technical information that makes the Mirror Me booth stand out from the crowd.

Few features that Mirror Me Booth by Foto Master has that are important to know:

1) Workflow Builder Concept: This is a revolutionary concept that allows you to say “Yes we can do it” when a customer ask you if some workflow that he desire can happen. Unlike the traditional photo booths that has constant stages such as “Before Photo 1 Screen” and “After Photo 1 Screen” and a special State for touch called “Attract Mode” in Mirror Me Booth the workflow is not constant and allows you to add building blocks that will determine how the workflow will look like, each and every building block can be either a feature, animation or random animation and you can easily define what trigger will cause one state to finish and go to the next (for example touch, time, gesture control and more).

2) Interactive Animations: Video files are not interactive, you can load video flies that will just play and finish. The Mirror Me Booth is the most interactive software because all the animations that you run are .swf based, which means that you can convert any video to .swf and you can also use coding to your animations and make them interactive, in this way you can offer Games, Apps, and you have API that you can use to extend the Mirror Me Booth offering with your own custom apps and games.

3) Smart Layout Builder: Mirror Me Booth Layout builder is powerful, easy to use, a WYSIWYG editor with drag and drop and object handles capabilities.

4) Foto Master provide you with out of the box few games more than 200 professional animations, more than 100 pre-sets and layouts. (and always build more and more)

5) Mirror Me Booth supports special triggers with Kinect that allows you trigger one state to the next via person detection, smile, or 2 hands in the air.

6) Mirror Me Booth has Random Animations Features Per State which means that you can add many animation per one state and those animations will be selected randomly when the state is reached in the workflow, this allow a more interesting interaction at events.

7) Multi Pre-set Selection concept allows you to include many predefined pre-sets in one screen and even load an animated background to it, Foto Master also provide out of the box cool background animations for it.

8) Smart and Rich Signature feature. Mirror Me Booth Signature feature allows you to offer full colour selection, stamps and stickers (either that we provide or custom that you add), neon effect, multi user’s interaction, undo, clear and done, also timeout control and random selection of colour on start.

9) Video Recording Feature.

10) Filters + fine tune filters from preview / final preview, either auto apply them of via selection.

11) Retake feature on preview / final preview, you can go back in time in the workflow to any state you desire.

12) Email from the mirror with disclaimer and script configuration.

13) save videos, save audio, save photo, save raw photos Save videos from photos and save gif from photos with or without boomerang.

14) Support DSLR / Webcam and Kinect for taking photos.

15) Best Green Screen feature.

16) Background Removal without Green Screen with Kinect.

17) Phidgets Control that allow you to control hardware from your flexible workflow (crazy amazing things that one can do).

18) Funny and cool screaming contest feature with decibel detection.

18) QR Code / NAYAX / Live View.

19) Fully controllable LED Ring that controlled from the software via the workflow (it’s not a switch on and off) the software allows you to control the led ring and set the speed, pattern, colour and hence to create an amazing experience that fit your workflow and amaze the guest.

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