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Important customer notice

Hi I have thought about this for a while now I wasn’t going to say anything but I think its important. Over the last few days I have been getting customers contact me about another company contacting people randomly off my posts. Telling them that they also hire magic mirrors.

I have been in contact with the woman who runs the company and she has assured me that this wont happen again
After I had calmed down I asked why she would be doing this? The explanation was no surprise to me its desperation. so I wont name and shame her or her business this time.

She was sold the dream that buy a photo booth or magic mirror and you will make thousands.

So I’m going to tell you what’s going on in the industry.

I’m going to start with advice for customers as this post is mainly for you.

Photo booths are not new in fact the concept has been around for the past hundred years its only over the past 15 years that the technology has become more advanced and continuing daily to get even better The magic mirror although new to England they have in fact been out for about 10 years.

The problem

Lots of people see this industry as a way of making a lot of money fast and are sold the dream.
Big companies sell off old equipment and upgrade to new more improved giving you the best they can, some people buy these used booths in the thought they can make big money and realised its not as easy as they thought also sell off their booths and again the circle continues with them offering you tempting deals of cheap hire prices.

The manufactures have also got in on the act and produce budget booths and budget magic mirrors making it affordable for people to get a very basic product to start up business

some even offering to pass you work and even build you a website free of charge, yet selling people the dream of easy money. its clear there’s a lot of desperation as the explosion in the making and selling industry has died down and so many people still making them there’s far too much competition.

Unfortunately, its you the public that are suffering thinking your getting a bargain when in fact your getting a product that is so basic in technology and software, graphics, pictures, printing, some of these people even try and hire their equipment out at high prices. But one of the real problems you will face is those looking to book early for your event might find yourself without a mirror or booth at all if the stats are true that 90 percent of business fail within the first year and the market for hire being flooded already what’s the chances of these people still being in business at the time of your event?

Now don’t get me wrong there are lots of good companies out there old and new but my advice is to book with a photo booth company that is known has reviews and not one that has cheap or imitation looking equipment, use your gut instinct!

People wishing to start up business

After reading what I have already written still inspires you to get into the industry

I advise you to think logically know your market and unless your willing to pay thousands on equipment then
thousands on advertising, websites, seo, spend 7 days a week morning till night working your ass off just for other people to be undercutting you and lowering the prices and quality of the industry then its not for you.

Just like many sectors with the entertainment world example DJs, there used to be a massive sense of pride in the dj world people having professional up to-date equipment now days the market has been flooded with “djs” Any one with budget lights a laptop and Maplin speakers or have brought old second hand stuff off eBay is now a dj. Now I’m not talking about people just setting up and the have a passion for becoming a dj.

I’m talking about people thinking it’s an easy ride to make money just like with the photo booths and mirrors.

Its understandable that someone just getting into the industry might not have the best stuff and may need to charge cheaper at first to get business. But in general If they are charging cheap prices, there’s a reason no one can afford to work at them prices be insured, be paying for there music, buying new equipment and paying them self a wage.

Like I have said if the entertainment world is something that inspires you then be prepared to put the money and the work in to grow your business in the right direction.

I personally have been in the entertainment industry for 10 years so I do have some experience and have seen a lot of things within this time.
I don’t expect some people to like my post but I think its important to tell people about the entertainment world.

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