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Magic Mirror Photo booth Hire Solihull

We had a great day providing our Magic Mirror for a wedding at the Village Hotel Solihull , We also provided our white light up love letter lights colour set to pink.

The room itself is perfect in size for up to 150 guests and is very clean and modern 2 sides of the room have very big windows perfect for letting lots of light into the room.

The food was very expensive per head but was at an excellent standard and we never seen a plate with food left on it 🙂

The Master of ceremonies done a fantastic job will highly recommend for his willing to please.

The staff are very friendly and well organised but did let them self down by groups of them feasting on the sweets before the bride and guests was in the room the management did tell them off and they stoped.

Tips when booking this hotel provide your own suppliers

The Hotel provides packages from different suppliers We recommend you Provide your own.

The dance floor the hotel puts in on packages is very small dose not have L.E.D lights and is very grubby the bride wasn’t happy as when she booked she was informed she would be getting the light up dance floor.

The Dj was very cheap budget with 2 lights and turned up late.

The Drinks are also very expensive.

The room decor was very nice and the displays was perfect the only thing that let them down was the backdrop falling on the bride and grooms head and could of been secured better.

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