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Choosing the right Photo booth or magic mirror hire company – The Truth no holding back.

The truth is, every photo booth and Magic Mirror hire company buys their photo booths from the same 3 UK suppliers. The big differences when choosing a photo booth company is not only the quality of the photos you receive, but also the entertainment factor this is very important and of course not forgetting quality of the service. There’s lots of companies about now who have jumped on the photo booth craze not just the weekend hirers just after a little extra cash which you will find all over Facebook But also people who originally didn’t do them, wedding suppliers, florist’s, photographer’s even DJs but the truth is they do not specialise in photo booths and only buy for the earning potential and not for the quality and entertainment so you can more or less guarantee they have not brought anything of huge quality only low cost and old technology despite what they may tell you, all to maximise there income and most know very little about the latest software and just do not have the passion as it is not something they specialise in.

Photo Boots?

What’s true is that the majority of customers think what they are getting off other companies is a normal modern photo booth but believe me it is very old tec photo booths have advanced so much in the past few years.

We offer many types off booths here at Funky pictures so we can supply you the very best what ever your budget is.

We only provide the best technology from around the world and because of this our booths really can’t be matched some of our most advanced offer over 1600 backgrounds and functions including 3D options that submerge you into the pictures, green screen, pop art, around the world, magazine creator, you can even change your body into a super hero, spy, baby, aliens and so much more as well as many other functions you can even pick your own templates and printing options and even make post cards. We have even gone that one step further and put massive 42inch touch screen and leather seating in some of our booths to allow users to feel more comfortable and have a better user experience.

Some of our other booths although are slightly more Basic in technology compared to our advanced in the world are still more advanced then 99 percent of the companies out there they use a social booth software technology which is amazing but is very reliable compared to most and guarantees you the best night

They offer amazing quality pictures, Instantly printed HD pictures, Video messaging, green screen, Animated gifs, Email, Facebook and Twitter uploads and so much more.

Photo booths are not only about taking pictures they are pure entertainment that should keep all guests entertained.

Other things that we upgrade that makes us stand out apart from software and entertainment is our picture quality

We spend thousands upgrading the standard photo booth to a lean mean machine, with advanced lighting and top of the line DSLR cameras, Top end printers, and the results are there for everyone to see! Our photos are brighter, clearer and crisper than any of our competitors. (Not too dark, or yellow looking). images, often too dark, with a yellow tinge and bad settings using the built in flash on the camera. Instead, we upgrade all of our booths to use the best equipment, and we employ professional photographers with a keen eye for a bright, clean and crisp photo to ensure you get the quality you pay for. Not only that, but we spend thousands more on backup lighting, cameras and other equipment for all of our booths to ensure reliability.

What you will find with most photo booths is that the images that are put online will look reasonable quality until you zoom in but you should be looking at is the printed photos, all our images are printed in HD thanks to our top Quality cameras, software, printers and inks.

Magic Mirrors?

The mirror that we use Foto Master Mirror is the king and original first Magic mirror it came out about 10 years ago taking the USA by storm then making its first appearance in the UK about 7 years ago. Although this mirror isn’t the most common you will see and there’s only about 3 in the whole of the Midlands it’s the very mirror that took the industry by storm and set the trend.

The technology in a Foto Master Mirror is continually evolving even to this day with our 6th upgrade literally done 5 days ago.

The animation’s and general flow to the mirror is unbeatable, seeing is believing!

As just like with the photo booths lots of people have jumped on the bandwagon trying to earn extra income or other companies are buying them so they have a one stop shop to supply you everything unfortunately, like I said before they are not going to buy anything great and with only 3 of these top mirrors in the midlands you can guarantee its not going to be one of them, so what have they got?

These mirrors are the most common mirror you will see about

Some have light bulbs around them and some are photo shopped to look glamour’s, they are very limited in technology and are a lot slimmer in size then a foto master.

They do have 1 or 2 features similar of that of the Foto Master Mirror has but they are no where near the quality.

These budget mirrors were made very quickly to get in on the sales when the mirror fazes first started to hit the market promising its buyers fast money, something that is still practised today.

Good technology and features take time to create. It is really clear when seeing these mirrors next to each other that this mirror is very basic in build and technology and has grown off its predecessor’s success.

the market has been flooded for that long with the budget copy mirrors that most people think that they are the normal standard, personally when we go out with our Foto Master people are shocked of its technology and beauty and at their events guests are constantly commenting on how good it is compared to what they have seen before.

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